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All sales are final; no refunds or exchanges for tickets purchased online or at the theater box office. Each individual event is an independent production, and as such, policies and pricing for events are set by the event producer and not the Somerville Theatre.

  • Tickets may be purchased online by clicking above.
  • Most Tickets may be purchased in person at the theater box office.
  • Patrons may avoid online ticketing fees by purchasing tickets in person at the theater box office at the hours listed below.
  • In-person Box Office is open 6pm-8pm; closed on holidays.
  • For assistance with handicapped accessible seating, please call 617-625-4088 between 6pm – 8pm.
  • We accept cash, Visa, and Mastercard.
  • A $1.00 restoration fee is added to the price of each ticket.
  • If you do not see a show listed for sale, it may not be a confirmed booking yet.

Did you know you can see some shows FREE by volunteering as an usher? Simply stop by the theater lobby and sign up for any available shows. Help seat patrons and see a great performance for free! Please do not call or email; you must sign up in person.

FAQs about Concerts

What time does the show actually start/when do doors open?
The time on your ticket is when the entertainment is scheduled to start; of course some artists are more punctual than others. Doors open anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes before the showtime. Remember, most event seats are reserved; no matter how early you arrive, you get the same seat! We’re an active movie theater and do not allow event crowds to gather in the lobby before doors open.

Is there an opening band?
Generally speaking, we don’t know. Unless the opening/support act is listed on the event, we don’t find out more than that until the band arrives that afternoon. Many World Music shows do not have opening acts, whereas many Live Nation shows do. If a show is billed as “An Evening With…” then there is not usually an opening act. And if you skip the opening act, just remember: Jimi Hendrix opened for the Monkees… imagine skipping that!

What time does the show end?
This varies greatly with each show, but 95% of shows are over well before 11pm. We do not allow concerts to run past midnight, generally speaking.

Can I take pictures/video/audio?
While the theater has no official policy regarding live shows, the individual promoters often have their own policies, and most artists request that you do not record the event in any way. In any case, flash photography is really obnoxious and distracting, as is endless use of cell phone glow screens.

Are shows ‘all ages’?
Unless otherwise noted, shows at the Somerville Theatre are all ages. All persons, including small children, must have a ticket. Certain shows may have age restrictions but that will be evident on the event sales page online.

What is your non-smoking policy?
Smoking is 100% prohibited and will not be tolerated. Not only is smoking inside the theater grounds for immediate ejection without refund, but we will have you arrested for violating the law and putting our patrons and staff in danger. Not only that, but our fire detection system is highly sensitive and your smoking may set off the alarm, which would automatically end the concert. For everyone.

I ordered tickets online but can’t find/didn’t receive the confirmation. What do I do?
Did you check your spam box? Very often, especially with yahoo email addresses, the confirmation goes into the spam folder. You can always bring your ID to the will call box office on the day of the event if you lost or destroyed your ticket.

Why are some of your shows listed on Ticketmaster but not others?
We severed our ties with Ticketmaster a few years ago and use a different ticketing system that allows us to charge lower fees to patrons. However, some shows at the theater are produced by Live Nation, and they are part of Ticketmaster, so they use their own ticketing for their own shows.

Are there hotels nearby to stay at if we are coming from far away?
A great resource is CONCERT