Purchase tickets online two weeks in advance of each screening: click HERE and choose correct date. Online ticketing must be redeemed at box office upon your arrival

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13 Responses to “CENTENNIAL PROGRAMMING JAN – MAY 2014!”

  1. mplo says:

    Sounds like you’ve got some really good films set up for viewing here! Just one question, however: Why were West Side Story and Lawrence of Arabia not included in this repertoire?!?

  2. Ian Judge says:

    Because we are saving them for our 70mm festival.

  3. mplo says:

    Okay…thanks, Ian Judge. Sounds cool.

    When will your 70mm festival be coming out, btw? Again, just curious.

  4. DanielS says:

    This looks AMAZING. So many great films that I’ve only had the pleasure to watch on a small laptop–I can’t wait to see them on the big screen.

  5. CJL says:

    Any idea when tickets will be released for the Centennials?

  6. Ian Judge says:

    Tickets for the individual screenings are available a few weeks in advance; currently film thru Feb 14 are on sale.

  7. Mike says:

    When will the Sci-fi and IFF film listings be up? Is there a link to those sites?

  8. Ian Judge says:

    The Sci-Fi info is on their site, http://www.bostonsci-fi.com. IFFB isn’t until late April so likely they are nowhere near to announcing a schedule. In either case, their websites will have details.

  9. Monty C says:

    Any thoughts to a Montgomery Clift Film Festival?

  10. Rebecca says:

    What about the vaudville show on May 11? Will tickets for that be out for sale earlier, or released on a typical movie schedule?


  11. Ian Judge says:

    About two weeks in advance.

  12. Ron says:

    Your theatre is listed as showing the original Godzilla movie in May. If so, when will the tickets be available for purchase?


  13. Ian Judge says:

    The Tuesday before it begins its run.

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